Uni Over

So that is me finished my second year of university. Overall, it was difficult, especially the physics and maths, but I am proud of all the work I have done. I have gained a greater understanding of the framework behind Game Engines, learned how to manipulate Vectors and Matrices throughGLM, and learned a lot about the underlying systems of OpenGL, including the Graphics Pipeline.

The project I am most proud of is, Cityscape. Completing it taught me a lot about Game Development process, like the underlying Matrix Maths behind games, and the benefits of working in a Well-Organised Team.

For over the summer, I plan on working on three projects. One is a Gamemaker: Studio project, the other is a HTML5 game with Construct 2. I plan to release both of them before the summer is over!

For my third project, the main one, I will be working on a SFML scrolling shooter, similar to R-Type. I have been working on it a few weeks, and I have a lot of the framework done. I have States, Sprites, and Collision Detection. I have even made a background that tiles itself, based on a single image! However, what I have spent most of my time doing was creating a Level Buildermode. I have made it so you can build entire levels in game (with data outputted to a .txt file). You can place blocks using the mouse, the Left Button placing them and the Right deleting them. The blocks snap to a 32×32 grid. Here are some screenshots below:


screenshot2Yes, all the artwork is by me right now