So, that’s the Player is finally animated! I only got the Sprite Sheet a few hours ago, and already it’s done! While we may add a few extra animations on (assuming we’ve time), that’s the majority done!

We’ve got 7 animations for the player, all rolled into one VERY long Sprite Sheet (it’s 3072 pixels wide!) with animations for: Normal Flight, Normal to Down, Down, Down to Normal, Normal to Up, Up, and Up to Normal. The data for each animation is loaded from a (slightly clunky) .txt file, which you can see below. Each animation requires a Title, the Start and End Frames within the Sprite Sheet, and the Speed it’s played at.


As you can see, the .txt file is very clunky. And while making it tidier is something I’d like to work on, it’s not very high on my priority list since I’m the only one looking at it. The Enemy’s, which generally only have a Normal animation, have much simpler looking .txt files.


Here’s three screenshots, showing the player’s Up, Normal, and Down animations!





There’s not much left to do in the game. There’s a pretty severe glitch where the Boss’s bullets disappear randomly, and another with an Enemy’s movement pattern. I’ve also still not fixed the glitch with the scoring resetting between levels. I also need to change the player’s collision box size, since right now it’s actually larger than the plane! Apart from those glitches, and a lack of levels, the game’s more-or-less done and I’m in the Polishing-And-Making-Pretty stage!

I have plans to add a download link to the game in just over a week, once the game’s closer to my own person standards!


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