Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve still been working on the game, however. I’ve done 90% of it, just need to create a couple of levels (which should only take an hour or so) and implement the animations and graphics when they’re done (which will be slightly trickier).

Now, for what I’ve actually done. The first thing is change the resolution, which was much easier than I thought it’d be. Originally, the game was 800×600, but this screen size meant the player didn’t have much room to move once I’d increased the graphics size. So, it was changed to 1024×768, which allowed for larger and clearer graphics, while still providing enough room for the player to actually dodge enemies.


The next thing you’ll notice, is the player sprite is done (almost). The animation sheet for it is actually done too, but my artist, Lauren Martin (tumblr, deviantART) hasn’t added the character onto the plane yet, so the animation hasn’t been implemented. However, we’ve got animation for: Going Up, Going Down, Flying Forward and many more. I’ve seen them in action, and they’re pretty spectacular!

The last thing was a complete rework of the level system. While the old level system was good, it was difficult to save level’s I’d created for backup reasons. Originally, each level’s data was saved to the entity’s themselves. So the player’s initial position for level1 was saved to the player, and for level2, and so on. It was the same for enemies, and if a level has more, or less, objects than another then the objects were deleted or created as needs be. This system was very fast (after the initial loading), but it just didn’t work very well in practice. So, choosing easy-to-read over speed, I changed this completely. Now each level loads in once the previous one’s done. It takes a few seconds to load, but the system’s so much easier now than before. Now level’s are their own .txt file, each storing only the initial position for each objects. Here’s a scaled-down version of level1’s .txt file to give you an idea (in reality, each level’s a few hundred lines big).level example

There are still a few glitches in the game. When going to a new level, the player’s score will go back to what it was at the last checkpoint, bullets randomly disappear (and occasionally appear), and sometimes the loading screen doesn’t appear properly. These, and about a million more, are the glitches I’m going to be tackling over the next few weeks!



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