Computer Problems

Due to some computer problems, the development of my game has slowed right down over the last few weeks. Basically, my computer got a virus, and I had to use my incredibly slow laptop for development (which was hell). Though, despite this, I’ve still managed to get some stuff done, though not as much as I’d have liked.



I’ve added 2 enemy types. The first basically flies from the right-hand side of the screen, shooting in front of them. A shot from the player ( or another enemy ) and they’re killed. The enemy’s sprite is currently just the player’s sprite flipped and coloured, but in the future they’ll be their own fully-animated sprite. The second flies up and down, while shooting. It took me a good few days solid coding to be able to add multiple enemy types, but it’d finally there. Right now, most of their data is loaded from a .txt (like time between shots, speed, initial positions) but their actual movement is Hard-Coded. I have an idea of how to make their movement chosen from a .txt file, but I’m not sure if I’ll do that in this project.



I’ve also added the ability to use animation. Basically, every animation for the player is in one large sprite strip. Then, in a .txt file, you define which parts are for what animation, eg frames 1 to 5 are the default flying, while 6 to 10 are flying upwards. The game loads all this, and surprisingly, it works perfectly!

I’ve also ran into some strange bugs. One bug prevented some graphics being drawn, and other were fine. The blue of the background wouldn’t draw, and some enemies wouldn’t ( but other would ) even though it’s the same coding! The problem only occurred on my desktop machine, which ran on Windows 8, but it was fine on my laptop. I update my desktop to Windows 8.1 and it’s fixed that issue. From a quick Google the problem seemed to be with Intel’s support for OpenGL on their processors.

Another glitch I had was some objects weren’t being drawn properly once placed in the Level Editor. The problem was very true with Enemies and the Foreground, but Blocks and the Player were fine (oddly). But, if you quit the program and load it again, the objects which were meant to have been placed are there. It turns out that the issue was with some very old coding I’d written. The way my renderer handles objects means it draws objects with a Layer of 0 first, then objects with Layer of 1 next, and so on. When a new objects added, which currently has the highest layer, then the system reorganizes objects a bit to fit this. This system was one of the first parts I wrote in the game, and hence was very poorly written. Whenever I added an object with a new highest Layer, the object would get loaded but not added to the Renderer, so it wouldn’t get drawn. Once I’d figured this was the problem, I was able to fix it in less than a minute.

Overall, despite my computer troubles, I’ve been fairly busy and managed to progress nicely with my game. Over the next few days, I’m going to use what I currently have to make a small level to test everything out.


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